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Be Sincere; If You Had A Chance To Be Rich For A Year, What Would You Do With Your Wealth?

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Hi Parrot Gengs!

I welcome you all to the parrot talkative section.

Have you ever wondered why things have not worked out half as you wished, ever wondered if God could test you with money for one day?

Ever wondered why someone that was once rich could be poor again in this generation despite the level of exposure around and the ways to invest your money wisely.

These days that people get rich overnight, you never can tell what might happen anytime from now. Maybe a politician random person can just mistakenly decide to test you with riches.

Don’t think otherwise oo, It’s not money rituals

If You Had A Chance To Be Rich For A Year, What Would You Do With Your Wealth?

Your sincere answer is needed.

Drop your comments

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  1. Well we rise by lifting others up! Wealth is not about how much you worth or how much you have in your account but it is by how many people life you impart positively so therefore will make sure i touch many lives must especially my family and pray to God to grant me grace and mercy to keep on having money to change lives around

  2. at first i will promote the kingdom of God, help the less privelage like the orphans and widows,build skuls for children,provide good roads for my state and some other state,then lastly i will now invest big time in such a way that generation after me will never be poor again.

  3. I’ll invest and save some of the money too
    I’ll build orphanage home
    I’ll build companies all over the federal with different purposes…
    And lastly, I’ll travel to Brazil to enjoy my life and fuck Brazilian bitches…. Latinas are so sweet ….. Muah

  4. I will build my own Large Estate!
    Build Hostel!
    Buy Properties!
    Settle/Establish everybody I know.
    Having Created my own avenue of steady income.
    Settle down and flex my Money.


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