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Drop Your Best Motivational Quote For This Two Cute Animals – Best Quote Wins

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Hey motivational speakers in the house.

How is your evening going?

We brought you your daily concept to have something to think and write on as per your motivational work now.

So here is a quick task for you.

Check below pictures and drop your best motivational write up or quote.

Swipe left to see more in the post below;

Best motivational quote/write up wins.

Oya let’s go

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  1. Quotes. ” It makes no sense trying to extend a friendship that was only meant to last for a season, into a lifetime, because not all friends are truly your friends, Some are just there to gain trust so they can launch their attack”

    Morals: Be careful with the people you choose to cling to as friends. Just like the picture above.

  2. Lets be careful who we call our friends cause most of them will be nice to us just to gain from us and when they do boom they stab us at d back.
    Lesson: the tiger is only trying to be nice to that little animal so he can eventually gain from it by killing it later.

  3. Be careful who you call your friend , a wise say said show me your friend and I will tell you who you are , getting close to someone will let you know who they person really is ,and they person might have bad intensions or wants to pay evil for good deeds …..
    Lesson:They tiger is just being friendly because he/she as a intension ….


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