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Erigga Speaks On Why There Is So Much Pain & Bitterness In Marriages


Nigerian rapper, Erigga has given an insight into why there are so many failed marriages in the world today.

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Marriages crash these days mostly due to infidelity and lack of understanding. However, Erigga has a different view on why marriages actually fail and he took to his Twitter page to drop gems.

According to him, there are many failed marriages in the world today because of the pain and bitterness couples face. He pointed out that this is because women marry men they do not love and cherish so they end up becoming miserable and bitter. Some of his fans agreed with him, while others disagreed pointing out that most women were pressured by their families into marrying so they can not be blamed

He wrote: “Do you know why there is so much pain and bitterness in marriages today, Its because 90% of women don’t marry who de love they marry who is ready #theerigma2”

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