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taare zameen par*STUDENT:* Sir, Is it appropriate and biblical to have urge for Sex or have affection for the opposite gender? Asked Ikenna.

*TEACHER:* Ikenna, do you usually feel hunger for Food and thirst for water?
*STUDENT:* For sure sir, and such desires are inherent in us. Besides, I don’t joke with my tummy Oh (smiles)
*TEACHER:* When you feel those desires For food and water and don’t have where wither to fulfil it, would you steal to fulfil those desires?
*STUDENT:* No!!!! Sir, for it is against the teachings of my master Jesus Christ to steal.(frowns)
*TEACHER:* Hmmm! Very good!Now, Ikenna just as Hunger for Food and water is inherent in man, so the Urge for Sex or affection for opposite sex is an Instinct enshrined within us as human beings by our creator.
*STUDENT:* Hmmmm! I see.
*TEACHER:* Just as it is abnormal for a person not to feel hungry, so whoever does not have sexual urge is highly abnormal except for eunuchs. (Matt 19:12)But, then since it against our master’s teachings to steal in other to satisfy desires for Food and water, so also God has provided a medium to satisfy Sexual urge which is called marriage but if you satisfy that urge outside the circumference of marriage (pornography, masturbation, fornication, homosexualism), then is SIN and a CAPITAL OFFENCE IN OUR KINGDOM.
*STUDENT:* hmmmm! I see clearly now. But sir, negative suggestions on my mind are they LUST?
*TEACHER:* Can you stop Mtn from sending you some irrelevant text or stop TV stations from displaying evil programs or stop a bird from flying over your head?
*STUDENT:* (laughs) that’s impossible sir!*TEACHER:* But can you delete those mtn messages from your phone, change the TV stations or switch off the TV and Stop the bird from building nest on your head?
*STUDENT:* yea! Yea! Very sure sir. Nice illustration sir.
*TEACHER:* As long as you are in the flesh carnal, filthy and unclean thought would come but just as you can delete those MTN messages and stop a bird from landing on your head, so you can RESIST THE DEVIL AND THOSE THOUGHTS.Ikenna, lust simply means doing in your heart what you could’ve done with the person physically.Lust is not the negative suggestion, rather it is the deliberate and concerted meditation of those negative thoughts which bring PLEASURE and before GOD is tantamount to FORNICATION. (Matt 5:22)Holiness is not the absent of evil thoughts or sexual urge but it is a life that chooses to resist those evil thoughts from gaining grounds within and to keep those lawful desires in check until the appropriate Time.
*STUDENT:* Wow! Wow! Thanks very much teacher for you have taken off some unnecessary yoke off my neck and brought Christ yoke upon me.
*TEACHER:* You are welcome beloved.
I deem it fit to frame today’s write up in this manner so as to communicate and promulgate an impression within my heart to YOUTHS especially Who don’t understand TRUE HOLINESS ON SEXUAL PURITY.
*Addendum:* Holiness(Life above outward and inward sin)is possible and if it were not, then Jesus died in vain.GLORY TO HIM WHOSE PRESENCE MELT THE MOUNTAINS LIKE WAX. GOD BLESS YOU . please don’t end it here send it as far as you can to clear the doubt of YOUTHS.

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