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Government Set To Engage Native Doctors In Search For Coronavirus Cure In Nigeria


It’s become so scary the way number of coronavirus cases is sky-rocketing in Nigeria.

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And when I heard the news that Nigerian scientists have been engaged in the search for coronavirus cure, I laughed in Chinese 😂

Are you kidding me? 😳 This is a disease scientists from all over the world have tried to get a cure for, I mean countries more scientifically inclined than us.

As in WTF are our scientists here going to do?🤔

So, I felt some sort of relief when I heard one Igbo traditional ruler has urged the Federal Government to engage Native DoctorsBabalawo and Ifa Priests in search for Coronavirus cure.

At least, let them work with Scientists, positive results might come out.

Rest In Peace, Alhaji Fatai Yusuf, Oko Oloyun, we really miss you at this time.

Funny enough,  the solution to this Coronavirus might just be a simple herbal mixture oo.

Guys, let put our Christian and Muslim religious beliefs aside 👇

Do You Think Government Needs To Engage, Herbalists & Native Doctors In Search For Coronavirus Cure?

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