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“I Can’t Date A Woman Who Doesn’t Fear Me” – Man Says

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In every relationship, couples are suppose to respect each o ther at any point in time. One the part of men, they are suppose to respect and cherish their ladies with their hearts and the ladies are suppose to submit to their spouse.

Talking about fear, a man is supposed to stand firm ground and promote discipline in his house no matter the circumstances. However, he is supposed to do this with love and kindness.

Well, some people will prefer to put fear into their spouse in order for them to behave at all times even in their absence.

A man on Twitter identified as Pharoah has stated that he cannot marry a woman who does not fear him to an extent.

He said that whoever he marries is to be aware that her life will be shortened if he flouts any of his rules.

Se the screenshot of his tweet below:

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