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I Haven’t Seen Any Pastor Go Into Isolation Centre To Heal COVID-19 Patient – Wizkid

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Award winning Nigerian singer, Ayodeji Balogun, professionally known as Wizkid has aired his opinion about the coronavirus pandemic, and how Nigerian pastors have been taking the issue lightly.

According to Wizkid, he has never heard about any pastor who was brave enough to go into an isolation center to heal a patient who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Apparently, the singer has been expecting men of God at this time, to prove their faith by going into different Isolation centres to heal all the sick patients.

“I never see any Naija pastor go isolation heal anybody from covid lol”, Wizkid wrote.

See his tweet below!

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  1. No be lie Wizzy, please tell them, so many fake prophets everywhere. I thought some of them were sick and raise the dead. They should go straight to the isolation centres and start their healing miracle abi na only inside church their power reach. I don’t take some pastors serious anymore, may God keep exposing them for us.

  2. They don’t necessary need to go to isolation center to heal patient, wisdom is profitable to all thing if you make your research you will see that some of the pastor pray for the corona patients online all over the world and they receive healing, going to isolation center is like show off God is omnipresence he’s everywhere, so WizKid stop being a kid and wise up.

  3. weldone oo starboy, what have you impacted in this country during this lockdown sef.. just dey talk anyhow sha..even if you wanna talk not against pastors, cos you can’t decide that they are all fakes. is it even necessary for pastor to go and pray in the isolation centers? mtcheww

  4. That’s not necessary na Wizkid am sure they are praying for the nation I mean the commit ones oh so they don’t need to go over the to pray that’s if non has gone yet and besides the are also human like us so this stay safe is applicable to them too am sure you know what I mean

  5. Not until when they go to isolation center to heal patients… Wisdom is profitable to direct… Let God be the judge

  6. You just don’t go challenging God.
    Lions kill, will you then as a child of God asked to take you in to see Lions without necessary precautions??
    Don’t mock God and don’t say things you don’t know


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