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Lady Narrates How Her Boyfriend Almost Used Her For Money Ritual In Delta State

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A Nigerian lady, Ameera Yusuf has narrated how her boyfriend who is a ‘Yahoo boy‘ almost killed her in Asaba, Delta state.

According to Ameer, she met the guy, Richard in a banking hall and they got connected and started spending time together.

Ameer said Richard told her he was into real estate and she believed him. She then went further to narrate how he asked her to follow him to Delta state to access a property, but on reaching there, it was a different story.

Dating a yahoo boy is the most dangerous thing any girl should indulge in.

I met Richard in the banking hall and he looked all well dressed and spoke politely. We got connected and immediately we started spending time together.” Ameer wrote as she started her story.

See Her Full Post Below;

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  1. I knew it will all these yahoo boys. Evil lots. Thank God you were lucky. Many didn’t get lucky. Ladies needs to be careful while choosing who to date. There is more than meets the eyes. All that glitters isn’t gold.

  2. They won’t hear buh you’ve been enjoying the money and you no call us, now he wanted to use you to get more money you don turn motivational speaker….
    You said the truth buh some girls now will be like “my boyfriend uses animals and he can never use me because he loves me and I trust him so much infact it’s better to Cry in Dubai than Ochanja” Tomorrow we will hear a certain young lady has been used for Rituals by her Yahoo+ boyfriend the details of her death will soon be revealed…
    It will always end in tears, dating a Guy with a legitimate source of wealth gives peace of mind or dating a man who is doing everything humanly possible to make money and take care of you is also worth it, buh our girls won’t hear instead if they arrest the Guy they will run for their lives and swear that they don’t know who the Guy is, please yahoo boys should be arrested with their girlfriends na some of them dey make calls for their boyfriends so dem follow..

  3. Just thank God for your life.. I dont know the reason why young ladies are always in haste to date rich men.. when you fall into yahoo guys trap that’s when you will realise he’s a ritualist..ladies be careful..all that glitters is not gold

  4. Nawa oo some delta and Edo people just love juju and ritual imagine. Go and thank God for life oo cos by now you won’t be here to see the light of the day. God help us oo

  5. I won’t blame her, she taught she has found her Mr Right not knowing is her Mr wrong. Most men look gentle and humble but inside of them they are vinpire looking for whom to suck blood. Thank God for saving your life, because most people has been that situation and was not alive to testify. This would sound as a lesson to others

  6. She is just so lucky,I thank God for saving your life, some men will just come in form of a sheep but deep down inside they are wolves in sheep clothing,I really thank God for your life


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