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Lady Who Was Raped While Selling Groundnut Gives Birth to Triplets(See Photos)

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A Nigerian lady who makes a living by selling groundnut has reportedly given birth to triplets after she was raped. A Facebook user, Precious Oluomachi Livingstone disclosed this on a popular Facebook group, Igbo Rant that the 20-year old lady Nkechi Ezenwa, was raped while hawking.

During her time of delivery, it came as a surprise when it was discovered that she was having three babies. However, due to their lack of equipment, she was directed to another hospital that started rendering medical services after a deposit was made by a church member, Ugochi Uba who took her to the hospital.

After the whole delivery process, she was billed N422,000, an amount she has called on Nigerians to help her settle. “I have spent 6 cylinders of oxygen on the babies to make sure they are alive, Nkechi needs more blood to replace the blood she lost during the cesarean section. “I bought a brand new power generator because of these babies where I spend up to 6000 naira daily to make sure the babies are kept warm inside because of the fear of Covid19,” an unnamed doctor at the hospital reportedly said.

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  1. God is great, congratulations to her. Something good came out of the mess. I pray her helper locate her. May those her rapists never know peace


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