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“Marriage Doesn’t Make A Person Happy” – Relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro

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Renowned Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has made a comment about marriage and happiness.

According to the lady who has boldly admitted that she is the most controversial relationship coach in Africa, marriage does not make an individual happy.

She stated that the two individuals who are married are supposed to put in efforts to make each other happy suggesting that once there is no effort, then doom awaits.

She stated without mincing words that marriage is just a static word. Making her post, she wrote;

“That thing u crave so badly is just a static word that is lifeless without ur effort or action . You are the marriage..”

In an earlier post, Blessing Okoro labelled anyone who judges people by their dressing as daft. The post she made reads;

“My outfits is an expression of my mood and individuality.
If u judge people by their dressing then U are a daft ……

Some of my favorite collections.
Clothes are just costumes it does not defined a person”

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