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My Boyfriend Threatened To Leak My Sex Tape With A Guy Online!



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I met my boyfriend in school actually we were in the same department at funnab. We did things together. We were in love and had sex when we feel like it. We planned to get married after school.


I went to a birthday party of one of my close friends, I had three friends and we are like clique.

During the party I got drunk and the guy that took us to the party in his car took advantage of my drunken state and had sex with me and make it look like it is consensual.

During the act I know what was happening but was too weak and blurred. I didn’t know there was a video recording of the act. When I woke up the guy was no where to be found so I kept it to myself.


When my guy found out that I cheated on him, he was furious. I denied it initially but when he showed me the sex clip I admitted it but defended myself on the ground that it was rape and not consensual.

I summon courage and asked him how did he come up with the sex tape but that he would not answer to. He left that moment and I start feeling that he knows something about the tape and wants to blackmail.


He showed up one day at my hostel and threaten to leak the tape online. I begged him profusely not to do that but he said my plea and tears are waste of time. That he will let everyone know the kind of loose lady I am for betraying and cheating on him. That I will regret the day I met him. That I doesn’t deserve his love.


He is yet to release the clip but may actually do that with what is happening to the Babcock ex student.

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