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Native Doctor Stabbed To Death For Impregnating A Muslim Young Lady in Delta State

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In an interesting turn of event, the Chief Priest of the Igbudu community in Warri has met his untimely demise after he was stabbed to death for reportedly impregnating a Muslim lady.

The parents of the impregnated girl were outraged after they learned the chief priest in the area had done such an act to their child. The Nation reported that the hausa residents took action after they saw the pregnancy in the child.

A resident gave an account of the incident and said:

“The hoodlums who are believed to be from the Hausa community attacked and stabbed him to death on Thursday. The Igbudu community youths are angry over the death of the deceased. Thus, fighting, robbery, and a riot broke out between the Urhobo and Hausa groups.

The ever-busy Igbudu market was forcefully closed on Friday evening as traders ran away for the safety of their lives. And there are fears that the youths may avenge the death of the chief priest.

The incident is a bad one because cult groups have taken over the fight. The last person that was killed by the same group during the lockdown was the younger brother of Mr. Victor. The people of the priest are angry”.

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  1. Quite sad. You should have not pass your boundaries. Muslim don’t tolerate many things now you have met your untimely death. Rip.


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