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[Parrot Giveaway]What’s Your Answer To This Brain Teaser? Round 1

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Hello Lovely Parrot Fans,

Three people win be credited tonight from your online global parrot, We are having three rounds today.

Round 1: 10:00PM 

Round 2: 10:30PM

Round 3: 11:00PM

Answer This Question Correctly below;

10 fish are in a tank.
2 drown,
4 swim away,
3 die.

How many are left?

Drop your comments

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  1. It’s 10.

    But how has it been worked out?

    Firstly, fish don’t drown, not in the conventional sense anyway.

    Secondly, if they are all in a tank, the fish cannot swim out of it or escape.

    And thirdly, if three have died, they would be floating at the top of the tank.

    Which means all 10 would still be in the tank.

  2. All ten fishes are still in the tank.. non was said to be outside the tank drawn in the tank, died in the tank and some swim away to where? Inside the tank too, that means all 10 fishes are still in the tank…

  3. 10 because fish can not drown and if they swim away the fish are still inside the trank and if 3 die they will still be in the water so it remaining 10

  4. First of all, fish do not drown.
    Second, they can’t swim away.
    Third, the three dead fish are floating.

    So therefore, all the ten fish are still left in the tank.

    Name: Precious Ushang
    Phone number: 08088616740

  5. All 10 fishes are still in d tank…
    fish do not drown
    They can’t swim away
    3 are floating ..

    I waited this long to answer cause am catching cruise with the post..
    wanted others to win the cash..
    no need of sending my number either..

    Best of luck to d winner.


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