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Residents In Edo Swim In Dirty Water After Their Vicinity Got Flooded (Watch Video)

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Residents of an area in Benin City, the Edo State capital, have been captured on camera swimming in dirty water after their vicinity got flooded.

According viral reports, there was heavy downpour of rain in Benin City in the early hours of today, June 20.

The heavy downpour left the area terribly flooded.

In the viral video, several cars could be seen trapped in the flood while people swam in the background.

As the raining season gradually approaches it’s peak, the mass media is filled with flood related stories and contents.

It should be recalled that few days ago, some parts of Lagos State got flooded and we posted some heartbreaking pictures and videos from the flooding scenes.

Watch video of residents swimming in dirty water after their vicinity got flooded below;

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  1. Ooh this is so bad what is Edo govt doing about this, most time the individuals are to blamed cos of the way they block the drainage from following. Its a pity I feel sorry for them I can image the jams attached to them after swimming in this dirty water. God help Nigeria

  2. Is Is very bad, what are their governor doing about this incident that befall them. This is where you know the good and bad government. They will not see this one if it’s COVID 19 they will see that on sharp sharp

  3. As in eh, it’s not a small thing. Everywhere was flooded, littered and dirty. I didn’t the rainfall to be this brutal. And we are just entering the main raining season o. Something should be done quickly about this because it’s about to get more messy. The Edo state government should sit up. All the drainage and sewage should be opened well. Any building blocking any drainage should be removed. All hands should be on deck. Cos it might cost us our lives and properties if not considered.

  4. This flood thing in Nigeria is not funny again, out government should find a solution like construction of drainage or any other method so that the roads will not be in pool of water after every rainfall, this thing needs to be addressed, the problem have been in existence since many years. But the rain for Benin sometimes too dey heavy.

  5. This is getting out of hand oh Lord, please help us and touch the heart of our government I believe they can find solution to this but just watching since it has not reach their vicinity.. God have mercy

  6. Oh!my!!God!!! What a messed up situation.i keep asking myself if this submerge just started now or has this area not always being affected by the annual rainfall??
    Should the government always wait till someone looses his/her live before a lasting solution is found??
    What exactly should be done to this areas to proffer a lasting solution to this menace?
    Appropriate agencies should please look into this matter before we even get to the peak of the rainfall


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