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Root Of African Slave Trade -Time For Blacks To Open Up!

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I wonder what it was, how it felt, what it looked like those days when black was enslaved. Going deep down the heart, we initially sold one another to the so called black invaders (White Men). There was lack of cooperation among us (black). Men and women were sold, violated, and killed. I then deeply looked up to God, and I was like “God, was this a plan by You or should I say was this written” Then I prayed to Him to fight for us back.
White and their generation must pay for this.
But we still need to open up. From the beginning, White have been the number one in terms of richness in economy, invention, and power. Are we black born to consume, I mean are we born a consumer. We never for once regard our inventions and produce, we keep dying for their goods which the source mainly is from our resources. I pray the Lord Almighty opens our minds to this.

Kunta Kinte was a brave man in the novel/movie #Root. He knew his value as a human, he committed himself to the betterment of his generation. Till date and more, his name will never cease to be known to our unborn generation.

If I could change something right now, I would speak to black’s mind, I would make them smell their history and the real pain caused by the invaders, I would motivate them to shower themselves with the value of human integration, and common goals and value their #cultures.
Please my people, I am not hating Whites, and neither am I blaming them, I am only opening our hearts to the reality. We don’t need to compete, but we need to be first, yes I mean we need to make Africa the most powerful nation in the world. Let us support those that are with new ideas, let us motivate those that can invent, let us support one another. If we see them with specific talents, let us embrace them and invest. Let us know the value of our cultures. Let us promote our culture out there. Let us affect their taste. Let us make them dying for our produce and goods. Let us make an impact in the global arena. Together we can do it. We are born to rule, not to be enslaved economically, politically, socially, and so on.
My name is Ayoola Adesoye, I am from Africa, I am from Nigeria, I am Yoruba, I am born to rule. What are you?

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