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See 9 Nollywood Stars Who Are Above 40years But Still Look Ageless (See Photos)

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The saying, ‘age is just a number’ is never a cliche. When you meet these Nollywood stars contained in our write up who are 40 years and above but still look youthful, you’ll take a deep breath and give credence to the saying that age is indeed a number.

1. Eniola Badmus (42 years)

Eniola’s career in acting professional started in the year 2000 until in 2008 when she shot to recognition upon starring in two Yoruba films titled Jenifa and Omo Ghetto.

2. Frederick Leonard Nnaemeka (44 years)

Leonard entered the pool of Nollywood in 2001 where he played brief one scene roles and took a break from acting almost immediately as he debuted in order to complete his university education and obtain a degree. 

3. Bukky Wright (55 years)

Bukky is best known for her role in the hit serial drama, Super Story.

4. Genevieve Nnaji (41-years)

Genevieve definitely needs no introduction. Some fans even jovially says she ages backwards. Her age and personality don’t match at all.

5. Fathia Williams (51-years)

6. Jim Iyke (43-years)

Jim’s freshness makes it hard to believe he’s actually 43-years. Such cuteness!

7. Rita Dominic (44-years)

Rita Dominic

Another beauty goddess whose age and persona are like improper fraction in mathematics.

8. Kate Henshaw (48 years)

Kate Henshaw

Damn! Kate is 48yrs? Wow!

9. Nonso Diobi (43-years)

It’s sad Nonso is not active in the movie industry but well, his great acting skills and freshness gives us goals.

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  1. Seriously this lady will barely get old ooh. Still cute and elegant. So cute I love to be like you when I grow up 🤭🤭🤭

  2. Bukky wright, fathia balogun and Genevieve are ageless but for eniola badmus she is ageful let the truth be told.. The males are ageless too it rare to see a man who is getting old before his time.. They are strong and they don’t make up like we ladies do too

  3. Wow nice one wen their is money they are using to take good care of their body and skin dey have treatment for their skin and body and also dey are eating balance diet

  4. Wow.. God is wonderful..they are all looking good.. though they are rich but their ageless is not about money..Its God’s work some 30s even look old like mehn!!😀

  5. Wow, they are all looking charming and still beautiful,that is tell you that money is good enjoy your money while you are still alive..

  6. Forget the ageless, they are not looking like their twenties either all this ageless stuff na packaging and some are makeups, but sha nonetheless they look beautiful.


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