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WINNERS!!! See The 3 Winners Of Our “Thursday, 21st January 2021” Giveaway

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Hello Parrot family,

We are super excited to announce our Winners.

Parrotainment recently put up series of questions, which came with a Giveaway prize for our fans with the best comment.

The winners of the giveaway were chose based on how realistic the comments were on the question and the facts state.

Questions and answers below;

Round 1

10 fish are in a tank.
2 drown,
4 swim away,
3 die.

Answer: The answer is 7 fish.
Fish can’t drown! They breathe water! And if they are in a concealed tank, they can’t swim away.

Winner: Akinpelu Joshua Akinkunmi

Round 2

What is the name of the first TV station in Nigeria?

Answer: Western Nigerian Government Broadcasting Corporation.

Winner: Israel

Round 3

Which country’s flag is called the Union Jack?

Answer: Great Britain/United Kingdom

Before we kicked off the Giveaway today, Here Was the Instructions Given

The Winners are;

  • Akinpelu Joshua Akinkunmi
  • Israel
  • Gabriel Arome

Thank you for following participating! We hope to Reward more of our fans.

How to Get your Reward

Send us a mail to [email protected] Or Send Message 08135456468 on WhatsApp with your Full NamePhone Number, And Bank Account Details.


Click Here To Message Us On Facebook For Your Reward.

Note; You must send us your details within 24hrs else you won’t be paid

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